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Consulting Services

Consulting Services

  • Document Imaging - Needs, assessment & system design - implementation.

  • Computer Networking - Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks - design and implementation primarily for document imaging needs.

  • Electronic Publishing - CD-ROM publication design and implementation services for archiving and retrieval of computer based information covering publication of books, magazines, catalogs from one page to millions!

  • Web Consultation Services - Design & Implementation for Internet and Intranet applications

Clients (partial listing of various client needs)

  • The University of Texas at Austin - Classroom 2000 of the future. Instructional system using new high technology products and the Nations first MIS Graduate program for Management Information Systems advanced degree.

  • The University of North Texas - was ECS' first EC-Image document imaging client.  Starting initially as a 5 user system in Claims account, this original document imaging node has expanded to Purchase and is used daily by about 35 persons.  Human Resources and Development are also using the software on Campus.  A major expansion (2001) is now underway to expand a second node for the Registrar's Office and Financial Aid.  This node will serve some 65 additional persons on campus.  Of course, full compatibility is standardized on UNT's campus so all can gain access for their document imaging needs.

  • Collin County Community College District - Multi-campus document imaging systems design, and integration. Scan, store and retrieve registrar records, transcripts, and related paper laden documentation to the new "paperless" way of the future. This facility is now in its 4th year of expansion using EC-Image document imaging software and related systems.  This system started almost 5 years ago as a single user application to store Transcripts.

  • Southern Methodist University - Study for implementation of automating document forms. Intelligent Character Recognition systems study to automate hand-printed registration forms. Design and implementation of campus-wide document imaging system, beginning with 40 on-line users for Enrollment Services. Law School student records conversion to digital imaging are now all on-line with  implementation of document imaging for law school use.  Development office document imaging facilities for 40+ users - a conversion from older MacIntosh based system.  Registrar's Office implementation - 30+ users, conversion of approx. 750,000 microfilm documents to imaging and now on line.  Currently there are over 100 campus users accessing records from two nodes.  Other departments will come on line soon.

  • The Pentagon - Design & implementation of high technology visualization systems. High resolution RGB equipment, analog optical disc technology and more!  Design and installation of high tech system for SDI applications.

  • NASA - Design and implementation of high technology visualization systems utilizing ECS hardware and software and optical disc technology for video telemetry applications for space shuttle flights.

  • Northwest Airlines - Design & implementation of communication, computer, audio-visual and computer graphics for Northwest Airlines Training Corporation Facilities in Eagan, Minnesota.

  • American Radio Relay League - Design & implementation of storage and design of system to archive 80 years of magazine publications. Complete design of QST-View imaging software for PC-Viewing using CD-ROM as the storage medium. In 4 years , approximately 500,000 CD's have been sold to ARRL customers worldwide. The project was completed in 1998.

  • The American Museum of Natural History - Design & implementation of PalCat (Paleontology Cataloguer) computer image database system for storage, retrieval and creation of large illustrated databases. Initial project was Ellis & Messina Catalogue of Foraminifera, a printed catalog of over 80,000 pages published in annual volumes since mid-1930's.  The conversion of this fossil database was the basis of many of the world's major oil concerns in purchasing complete computer image database systems from ECS.  Installations were completed in multiple locations in the US, and other systems in Canada, Ecuador, Argentine, Venezuela, Germany, Norway, Italy and India.  This was the world's first widely used and supported example of a computer driven video imaging database system.

  • Mobil Production & Exploration - Design and implementation for Nation's first live VIDEOLAN video based computer network for distribution and dissemination of hundreds of thousands of 30fps live video images direct to a network of computer users.

  • City of Plano, Texas - Design, and implementation for advanced audio and audio visual facilities in the City Council chamber.  This system was a complete re-design of an original system not provided by ECS that rendered very poor acoustics that rendered the system basically unusable.

  • 1st Cavalry Museum - Ft. Hood, Texas - design and implementation of audio visual facilities for the 1st Cavalry.  Originally designed with Laservision disk technology, has just be re-designed to use advanced DVD digital video display equipment and related systems.

  • Texas A&M University at Texarkana - design and implementation of multi-user document imaging system - used predominately in the Registrar's Office.

  • Dallas Baptist University - design and implementation of campus wide document imaging system, used by over 50 users and departments throughout the campus.

And Hundreds More - - - ECS is now in its 26th year of serving our wide variety of clients with useful electronic systems.  

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