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   Document Imaging Systems have been an inherent activity of ECS since 1988, long before the price / performance and capabilities of personal computers was very practical. The document imaging industry has grown by leaps and bounds during the past 20 years along with the proliferation of paperwork that companies have generated. The conversion of paperwork to digital images is more than just a glint in one's eyes today as thousands of companies are converting to the "paperless" office of tomorrow. ECS is a leader in this technology having been inherently involved in high density optical disc storage since 1984,  long before people even knew much about the mass storage capabilities of optical disc technology. This background allows ECS to provide high-performance systems for our clients. In the age of the electronic superhighway, ECS has a proven path to helping your company or organization to get a handle on the massive paper problems that are prevalent in every business.

   EC-Image document imaging software was developed to handle the database and control functions of computer document automation equipment and provides the "backbone" of being able to deal with literally millions and millions of documents as electronic images!  EC-Image software provides scanning, indexing and browsing functions, while EC-View software provides viewing and browsing capabilities at a lower per-seat cost.

   ECS designs, installs, trains and maintains document imaging systems for all classes of clients. Some of our document imaging systems are in use by aerospace industry, military, retail, consulting, professional, government and educational institutions.

Sample Document Imaging Client Listing

Call ECS specialists to help with your paper-glut problems by designing a document automation system that will greatly benefit your efficiency and costs.

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