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The backbone of all document imaging automation systems is the requirement of having a very solid software system and company to back it up. For several years ECS tested various packages of software to determine which package ECS would offer its clients. As a result of reviewing the deficiencies of the packages tested, it was determined that there was a real proliferation of "do-nothing" - "half-baked" and "flawed" software on the market. Some of the most pronounced deficiencies were:

  • Difficult to use multiple Windowing programming which stacked up Windows on top of Windows.
  • Closed Architecture programming with proprietary database structures.  Minimal to almost total lack of security provisions.
  • Licensing structure that is archaic & outdated based on the way that most users use document imaging systems.

  • "Shrink-Wrap" programming that rarely works out of a box due to the complications of the intricacies of scanner and storage requirements.

  • Y2K Incompatibility.

  • The inability for data that exists in other client computer database applications to be linked to the document imaging program.  EC-Image has built in data import provisions that can save thousands of man hours in the indexing function alone.

  • In 1993, ECS began the development of a "better mousetrap" by designing a document imaging software system from the ground up to eliminate the serious flaws that was inherent in existing software packages. After two years of development, ECS introduced EC-Image software, which has become the mainstay of ECS' clients in streamlining their computer operations to handle their massive paperwork problems. Now in our 8th year of delivering EC-Image total turnkey document imaging systems for our clients, we would like to introduce this remarkable software to you via the World Wide Web.  EC-Image software is constantly revised and is now supplied as a full 32bit application with multiple user-aid enhancements.



(Now on version 3.12)

Document Imaging, or “Electronic Filing”, is the desktop
computer technology of converting mountains of paperwork
into electronic images. Vast amounts of information can be
accessed instantly, with the click of a button, from your PC
workstation. This eliminates the “paperwork nightmare” of
waiting while employees are digging through overstuffed filing
cabinets or storage boxes, searching for records that are needed
right now. Stop suffering from an expensive paper trail and let
EC-Image Document Imaging Systems provide the perfect
“paperless” filing solution.

On Line Help is instantly available.

The Main Screen

EC-Image is designed to make electronic document imaging fast, easy  and efficient. A Windows based application that allows scanning and indexing of very large numbers of documents, EC-Image will easily replace all of your filing rooms, cabinets and folders.

EC-Image incorporates a single window for viewing, scanning and indexing, and all commands are available from three methods:

  • Pull-down menus

  • Icon interface

  • Advanced keyboard shortcuts

EC-Image contains convenient features including
drop-down menu selection for departments and cabinets.

List box selection for index fields makes looking up any document
in a snap and eliminates searches on misspelled words.

Automatic folder creation for search retrieval provides
a rapid method of browsing for documents.

By matching multiple index fields, retrieving documents
is quick and easy. EC-Image quickly shows you how many
records are found that match your index search criteria.


Single & double sided
Business card to 11x17" size documents or larger
Flatbed & auto document feed to 80+ pgs per minute
Resolutions to 600dpi
Multiple scanner support
Batch scanning built-in
Software image crop, position & de-skewing
Contrast, brightness & photo mode adjustable


Display documents in a windows or full screen
Variable zoom with picking rectangle
Definable zoom steps
Rotate left, right, or flip
Image cache for fast scroll
Next page, previous page and go to page
Mouse or Keyboard control functions
COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disc) option available


Store by department, cabinet, folder and document
Manual indexing or import index data
SQL database allows query from other software
Single page scan and index or batch scan mode
Delayed batch indexing
Multiple index fields
Adjustable sort order
Sticky Notes


Optical disc storage - from 128MB/disc to 5.2gb
Re-writable or write-once discs
Optical disc jukeboxes - various sizes
Supports CD-R media
RAID array drive storage
Local hard disk
Network drive
Number of records limited only to media capacity
Media copy for off-site backup storage


EC-Image offers extensive document security. The EC-ADMIN utility allows security access to be applied to departments or cabinets. Users may be granted rights individually or as part of a group. Rights include the ability to add new documents, editing existing documents and delete entire or partial document pages.



  • Prevent expensive mis-filed records
  • Save valuable floor space - get rid of those filing cabinets
  • Increases efficiency because files are all now "on-line"
  • Decrease supply & equipment costs
  • Eliminate microfilm expenses
  • Stop off-site storage charges
  • Lower operating cost
  • Enhance quality of services
  • Protection in case of flood or fire
  • Increase security - built in disaster recovery system
  • Unlimited departments
  • Unlimited users
  • 10 indexing fields standard, others optional
  • Windows NT & Novell Network compatible


Win 95, 98, Millinnium,NT, Windows 2000 or higher
16MB of RAM memory 
VGA graphics monitor or higher resolution 
CD-ROM Player
Network interface for multi-user-LAN use
Database server for multi-user-LAN use
Mass Storage (Jukebox) for multi-user-LAN use
or RAID array on server


Pentium 500 or faster
64MB ram memory or better
PCI based graphics accelerated video
17" 1024 x 768 monitor or larger


Requires Kofax supported scanner
(request current scanner support listing)
Scanners available from Panasonic, Kodak, 
Bell & Howell, Fujitsu and others . . .


Pentium 500 or faster
128MB Ram memory or higher


Windows NT (preferred)


Supports optical disc jukeboxes (various sizes)
Magnetic Drives
Raid Arrays
CD-ROM Systems and recording jukeboxes


If you have a need to automate your filing system, call ECS, we believe that you will be glad that you did!


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