What we do -

ECS has created an electronic publishing division to create archive volumes of paperwork for storage and viewing on optical disc media. This service is being performed for various clients as well as for ECS' own account.

The History behind what we do -

Since 1989, ECS has created an electronic methodology of publishing large volumes of information onto optical disc technology, such as CD-ROM discs. ECS publishing initially was funded by a consortium of oil companies who desired to have an image database of fossils created from an original work from The American Museum of Natural History. ECS created the PalCat (Paleontological Cataloging) system. As an outgrowth of this development program, ECS now produces all types of archive materials in an electronic publication format on CD-ROM for its clients.

The Palcat system, originally created using video optical disc technology, is the most widely supported Paleontological software used by oil concerns, exploration companies and universities throughout the world. It is now available using CD-Rom technology offering researchers instant access to hundreds of thousands of fossil images and related data. Media sets are now available for Foraminifera, Ostracoda and Diatoms.

The QST magazine has been published by The American Radio Relay League continuously since December of 1915. ECS publishing is archiving all 80 years of this publication and is producing a CD-Rom series in 5 and 10 year increments. All magazines from 1915 through 1999 are available only from Radio Era Archives in 12 CD-DISK sets. The QST magazine has approximately 1/4 million subscribers monthly.  85 years of QST are also now available on a single DVD-ROM!

REA is involved in every facet of antique radio technology. REA  digitizes paper archives and is building massive libraries on CD-ROM. Currently REA has over 150 titles available with more planned. The publications use our RadioView software for digital accessing of the books, magazines and schematic diagrams contained in these titles.

ECS can produce archive black & white publications or full color publications. We use high speed monochromatic scanners for fast integration of older publications but can use high quality color image scanning as well. ECS' software can handle any job that you might have. Some typical applications are:

Magazines Books Picture Catalogs
Annual Reports Engineering Data Archive Information
Back Filing Conversion of Microfilm Historical Information

Perhaps you have different needs and can add to this listing of typical applications. Give ECS a call with your questions about our new technology and software capabilities!

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